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Bronchos News · Who Says Girls Can’t Play Football?

On October 27th, the first annual Powder Puff football game occurred on the Bayless field. The battle we were all waiting for, between the junior and senior girls, was finally here, and each team planned to bring their A game.

The teams were matched up perfectly. The juniors started out with a touchdown by Jessica Speaks jetting down the sideline on a reverse during the first play of the game. With the wind knocked out of their sails, the seniors replenished their team’s’ spirit on the very next drive with a tom bray-like pass from Alexis Clemons to Ella Karahodzic to put the seniors on the board. From that point on the defense seemed impenetrable with coach Jon Robards and Dan Craig putting together a stellar defensive performance.

At halftime, the junior and senior boy cheerleaders performed a dance to a medley of songs including “Barbie Girl,” “Firework,” and “Baby Got Back.” The crowd expressed that the performance was definitely a highlight of the event. At every different song that came on the speakers, the crowd and the football players shouted and applauded at the boys’ hilarious dance moves.

After halftime, Jahla Fleming had a illusive run up the middle of the field to give the seniors the first lead of the game 12-6. Once the juniors got the ball back Jessica Speak’s showed off her extraordinary speed tieing the game at 12-12. With the score tied, and with there being less than 3 minutes left on the clock the seniors offense knew they had to make something happen quickly. It was 4th & 1 and the seniors decided to go for it handing the ball off to senior captain Salin Pratt. After a very questionable call of whether or not her flag was pulled before getting the first down, the referees indicated she did not get the first down and the juniors took the ball at the seniors 49 yard line. With less than 2 minutes Taylor Howell connects with Amina Malkic who ran the ball down to the seniors 1 yard line. Then, as the running clock ticked down under one minute Amanda Kraut ran the ball into the right part of the end zone giving the juniors the victory with a score of 18-12.

“When I scored the winning touchdown, I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe we won,” says Kraut. “So many people came out to support the juniors and seniors, and overall, it was a complete success!”

The first Powder Puff game was intense, yet entertaining. Since this game was a trial run, many lessons were learned to make next year’s game better. The important thing is that everyone had a great time in this historical game. This was the first of many competitions to occur this school year, including the Canned Food Drive and, the big event, Mock Olympics. We can’t wait to see how they all end up!264A0718 264A0803 264A0823 264A0907